From the age of six, $hang knew that music was her true love. A talented musician and Air Force officer, her father often found himself sharing the piano keys with the young and inquisitive $hang during his personal rehearsal time at home. It was then she developed the capacity to learn music from both an instrumental and vocal standpoint. Over time, she began singing at church in a family group alongside her siblings. $hang’s commitment to her music became more of a passion rather than a pastime and it soon became a father-daughter duo.

A firm believer in entrepreneurship, her father taught her the value of working for herself. With the consent of her parents, she began playing her violin on the street corner at the age of 12. The repetitive cycle of rejection and the sense of being overlooked warranted a change of direction which led her to trading in her stringed instrument for her God-given voice. Week after week over the course of six years, $hang would faithfully stand on her neighborhood street corner and sing publicly; gaining attention from bystanders and those in passing. In those moments, she learned the value of persistence as she sacrificed her teenage social life for one that became dedicated to her love for her music.

At 18, she began to reap the benefits of her hard work. She auditioned for America’s Got Talent and earned a spot on in St. Louis where she became a “Top 10” finalist. This moment gave $hang the confidence she needed to continue pursuing a career in the music industry. Since then, she has performed on numerous occasions throughout Kansas City- including singing the national anthem for the Miami Heat’s during their visit to the city.

As one who has had to deal with identity and self-confidence issues, $hang wants to use her platform to let young girls know that they can be themselves without having to compromise. She also plans to have an organization that helps young children with cancer and disabilities through Christmas giveaways and musical presentations. As an artist, she recognizes that her dreams are not just for her, but to be shared with those in need of encouragement and inspiration.

Since moving to Atlanta, $hang has been focusing on a major musical project that is sure to secure her spot as a new-age, urban pop, game changer. Her musical influence includes music legends ranging from Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder to Aaliyah, Lisa (Left Eye) Lopez, and Whitney Houston; all of which she credits for helping her discover her vocal path. With a promising career ahead of her, $hang is expected to reintroduce real R&B and pop music to this upcoming generation.